2016 Case & Research

AOASM 2016 Winners

Case Presentation Podium Winners
1st Place - Dan Corman
2nd Place - Matthew Rennels, DO
3rd Place - Eileen O’Conner

Research Presentation Podium Winner
Michael Henehan, DO, FAOASM

Poster (Research) Presentation Winner
1st Place - Jeffrey Lynch
2nd Place - Lindsay Rudert, DO

Poster (Case) Presentation Winner
1st Place - Erika Weidman
2nd Place - Jaime Umberger, Samantha Willer, & Anna Zelen, ATC


Call for Case Presentation & Research Abstract Submissions

The AOASM Research and Case Presentation Committee would like to announce the Call for Case Presentation & Research Abstract Submissions. The goal is to have all Sports Medicine Fellowship Programs participating with a poster presentation, a case podium presentation, or a research podium presentation. The criteria for submission of either a case or research are available now to download here.

Deadline for Case Presentation submissions is February 21, 2016.

Deadline for Research Abstracts submissions is February 28, 2016.

Call for Case Presentation Submission (DOC)

Call for Research Abstract Submission (DOC)

Submission Notifications:
The primary Author will be notified via email in late March of the review committee’s decision on their acceptance or rejection of submission. If accepted, submissions format will be assigned by the committee to be presented either via podium or poster at this year’s conference.