Fellowship/Residency Directors Code of Ethics

Primary Sports Medicine fellowship/residency directors will honor and respect other fellowship/residency programs in all written or verbal communication with potential candidates.

  1. All fellowships/residencies agree to participate in the NRMP primary care Sports Medicine match.
  2. During the interview process, the fellowship/residency program directors will inform candidates that they will not telephone the applicants regarding rank order. A letter thanking candidates for coming to a program for an interview is acceptable practice. A phone call or letter to applicants to answer specific questions not related to the rank order is also appropriate. Applicants may contact the fellowship/residency programs (see point 4). The fellowship/residency programs may directly contact applicants if they are contacted by the NRMP as an unmatched program.
  3. If asked by the applicant to disclose where he/she is ranked, the program director should state the rank order list is confidential and as a program participating in the NRMP Primary Care Sports Medicine Match this information cannot be disclosed.
  4. Program directors may not ask applicants how high (rank order) that applicant will rank their program.

Please note:
Due to complexities of the NRMP primary care Sports Medicine match, fellowships/residencies will not receive the notification they are unmatched until the actual match date. All programs will be identified through overnight carrier. It is probably best that the match results be sent to the individuals' homes, as many are misplaced or mis-routed at a large institution. It is suggested fellowship/residency directors list their home address or an area where they can be sure to get their next day mail. If this is not possible, the program director should contact the NRMP on Match Day.

Adapted from discussions occurring at the Fellow Director's Forum during the AMSSM Annual Meeting, April 1997.