Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine

The KCOM chapter has been quite busy with various activities and community service projects.  We have hosted a golf tournament, aided with a triathlon, and also participated in an athletic taping lab.  Our most recent activity was a casting lab in conjunction with the KCOM SAOAO (Orthopedics) club on November 10th.  We had 20 members of the club participate in the lab.  A local orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Chris Main, along with his staff came to school and taught each participant how to apply a short leg cast as well as a thumb spica cast.  Members were also able to practice using the cast saw to remove the casts.  In the upcoming months the club is looking at having an upper and lower extremity exam lab as well as having guest speakers come in and talk about the profession.

Dani Wooldrik, KCOM-SAOASM President