New York College of Osteopathic Medicine

This coming semester at NYCOM the student chapter of the AOASM will be hosting a hands on “Special Tests” Workshop. The workshop will act as a follow up to a number of lunchtime lectures that we have had over the year. This semester we hosted two lectures on the knee and shoulder joints and next semester we will be hosting a lecture on the ankle. At the comprehensive workshop, we will address special tests that pertain to each of these joints. The workshop will be held in our OMM lab so that students will be able to pair off and review the different tests that can be used in order to test for shoulder, knee, and ankle injuries.  The special tests that will be reviewed will include Yergason’s, McMurray’s, Spurling’s, Hawkin’s, anterior drawer and many more. We are hopeful for a large turn out, as this will serve as a great way to review a number of special tests that are important in sports injury diagnosis.

Victoria Grasso, NYCOM- SAOASM President