Pacific Northwest University - College of Osteopathic Medicine

On Saturday, November 20, 2010, Pacific Northwest University’s AOASM Club hosted two intramural flag football games: a guy’s game and a girl’s game.  The first and second year classes turned out to play Class of 2013 vs. Class of 2014.  Games were complete with referees, fans, and 4 teams of excited, aggressive PNWU students ready for action-packed play.  It was intense but a lot of fun.  In the midst of a busy first semester, flag football was a great way for the student body to release stress, stay active, and have fun together.  Sports medicine was addressed through a couple of injuries sustained in the games.

PNWU’s AOASM Club hosts other intramural activities throughout the year, including open gyms, basketball tournaments, dodge ball, and anything else students are interested in doing to have fun and stay active.  The club is working to acquire new fitness equipment for on-campus exercise groups and activities to promote teamwork in sustaining healthy, active lifestyles during school. We look forward to hosting our first 5K run in April as a way to bring the community and the school together and encourage physical fitness and overall health. We have also partnered up with a local high school to educate their athletic teams on osteopathic medicine, injury prevention, and staying healthy while playing sports.

Jacynda Wheeler, NUCOM-SAOASM President/ Northwest Regional Representatiive