University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

After merging the Orthopedics and Sports Medicine clubs this year at UNECOM we have gained a great core group of students who are very interested in the events being planned.  Aside from the recent OR live videos, and student run presentations on sports injuries and orthopedic procedures that we’ve shown, we have also hosted the annual Chili Bowl.  This is a friendly flag football game between the MSIs and MSIIs, and the Sports Medicine club sells long sleeve tee shirts to everyone who plays and anyone who wants to support the club fundraiser.  We generally have people also make chili and it makes for a really nice afternoon (and break from studying!)  This year we raised over $600 for club funds.  We are having an orthopedic surgeon come give a guest lecture after the winter break, and we are also in the process of setting up a sawbones clinic with a Smith & Nephew representative to give a workshop on fixing fractures with plates and screws, and using other tools in the operating room or emergency room.  We are looking forward to a successful Spring!

Lisa Kaplin, UNECOM- SAOASM President