University of Pikeville - Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine

Students from the KCOM chapter of AOASM have been very busy this fall. The club travels to the local elementary school two Fridays a month to play sports and mentor elementary school children. The children were chosen by a committee as being underdeveloped in social skills or in need of a positive influence in their life. This is where the medical students are able to exert a positive influence on decision making and social interaction for the kids. During the events the coordinator, Mrs. Dawn Rowe of Pikeville Elementary, gives the Osteopathic students and the children an objective for the day’s activity. These objectives include concepts such as personal space, good sportsmanship, teamwork, and even getting outside of one’s comfort zone for social growth. The program has been a great success and the children and medical students both love having fun with each other.

Another activity that KCOM Sports Med Club has participated in is the annual volunteer trail clean-up day for Muir Valley of Red River Gorge. Muir Valley is a privately owned and operated nationally recognized rock climbing site. It is nearly 400 acres of valley floor that is encased by close to seven miles of sheer rock faces that are pristine for the sport of rock climbing. The valley, which is owned by retired husband and wife Rick and Liz Weber, is completely taken care of by the couple and friends/volunteers who climb at the site. KCOM sent 21 students who volunteered to help clean up and maintain the trails and rock climbing walls as a community service project for the annual clean-up day, September 25 this year. The KCOM students were led by the school’s associate biochemistry professor, Dr. Michael Lafontaine. The clean-up day was a great success and the valley is fully operational for another year thanks to the volunteer efforts of the community and KCOM Sports Medicine Club.

Willaim Davis, KCOM–SAOASM Chapter President