Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

This past December, a visiting podiatric surgeon, Dr. Bora Rhim, provided a fascinating lecture related to traumatic ankle injuries in competitive athletes and hobby athletes. There was a great turnout to the lecture with over 50 members attending. Throughout the lecture Dr. Bora Rhim provided vivid pictures of extensive reconstructive surgeries for us to amaze ourselves with and understand the power of surgery in the treatment and rehabilitation of ankle injuries.  Dr. Rhim also provided a great interactive demonstration to properly assess the ankle on an examination table.  This was a great lecture provided to us by a podiatrist involved in the field of Sports Medicine.  Members of the Western Sports Medicine Club have received lectures from D.O.s and Physical Therapists as well this past semester.  All of these have been valuable complements to understanding the team dynamic involved in the field of Sports Medicine and the treatment of our future patients.

Brendon Ross, WUCOM-SAOASM President