2019 Clinical Conference Presentations

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Rodeo Sports Medicine
Rick Foster, MS, ATC

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: An Often Overlooked Cause of Upper Arm Pain
Angela Cavanna, DO, FAOASM

Team Physician Wellness
Patrick Leary, DO, FAOASM

To Stretch or Not to Stretch: From Warm-Ups to Cool-Downs
Edwin Kornoelje, DO, FAOASM

Care of the Female Athlete
Priscilla Tu, DO, FAOASM

R. Robert Franks, DO, FAOASM

Core Injuries: A Sports Hernia Misnomer
Daniel Day, DO, FAOASM

Endurance Athletes Care and Management
Rance McClain, DO, FAOASM

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Eliminating Abuse Within Sport: How the U.S. Center for SafeSport is Championing Athlete Well-Being
Dan Mills, SafeSport

An Update from the NCAA Chief Medical Examiner
Brian Hainline, MD, NCAA Medical Director

Starting a Sports Medicine Practice
Dan Savarino, DO

Mark Rogers, DO, FAOASM

Mental Healthcare in Athletics
Ashley Harmon, PhD; Emmett Gill, PhD, LMSW

E-Sports Medicine
Hallie Zwibel, DO

Business of Medicine
Mary Chuhinka Kurtz; John Arrington; Bruce Kurtz

Friday, May 3, 2019

Podium Presenters:

Nathan Fitton, DO (PDF)

Clay Guynn, DO (PDF)

Courtney O'Bryan, DO (PDF)

Valerie Rygiel, DO (PDF)

Andrew Schroeder, DO (PDF)

Janine Appleton (PDF)

Brian Gottwalt (PDF)


Faculty Development
Michael Sampson, DO, FAOASM

Sideline Joint Replacement
Bhavesh Joshi, DO

Surfing Injuries
Glenn Chapman, DO

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Non-combat Sports vs. Combat Sports: Key Differences
Rance McClain, DO, FAOASM

Media Relations Training
Jeff Brennan

USA Boxing: Key Differences & How to Get Involved
Bob Davison, MD

National Governing Body Involvement and International Sports Medicine
Daniel Clearfield, DO, FAOASM