2021 AOASM Virtual Charity Golf Event

Virtual Golf for a Good Cause, Anyone?
Let’s raise money for the AOASM Rusty Wright Foundation and play virtual golf for a good cause.
Click on the AOASM Virtual Charity Golf Event Link any time Friday, April 30 to Sunday, May 2 to participate in this fun event! Everyone who plays will have a chance to win prizes! Participants can play on any device. It is quick and easy to sign up and play, and you don't need any “golf skills” to participate!

The AOASM Event Code: 
Emailed to all AOASM 2021 registered attendees the week of 4/26/21
(If you didn’t receive it, please email: [email protected].)

The AOASM Golf Charity Link will go live on April 30-May 2. Click here to start playing!

How It Works
Each participant will be presented with 18 individual virtual holes of golf to be played in sequence. Each hole will have four play options to choose from. Upon choosing one of the four options, the score for that hole will be revealed. Scores will range between an eagle and a triple bogey. Individual's total scores will automatically tally as each hole is played and will appear on the live leader board throughout and following each round of play. 

Attendees can play as many times as they want, starting the first day of the virtual conference until the game officially ends on Sunday, May 2 at 6:00 p.m. CT. Only the individual’s best score will appear on the leader board if they choose to play more than one game.
Donation Required?
There is no limit to the number of games an attendee can play - the AOASM simply asks that a donation is pledged and honored with each game.

The first time an attendee plays, the suggested minimum donation for Physicians is $50.00 and for Students/Residents/Fellows, $10.00. If additional play takes place by an individual, any donation amount is welcomed.

Following the conclusion of a game, participants will be directed to the AOASM donation processing payment page. The system will also automatically generate a reminder email for the attendee to pay for the donation(s) pledged. (Note: if a donation is pledged by an attendee and not honored, a 7% fee will be applied and the AOASM will be invoiced to pay this administration fee on the participant’s behalf.)

Join a Team or Play Individually
Attendees can choose to play on their own or join a team. Team Captains have been selected from our honorable Past Presidents and Current Board Members. If you are interested in joining a team, click here to add your name to a team.

IMPORTANT: When signing up to play virtual golf, please be sure to add your team captain’s last name AFTER your name so that both your name AND team name is represented on the leader board (example: John Smith-Kuprevich). You must use the hyphen for the leader board to display both last names. If you are playing on your own, simply click on the link above to get started now.

Score Boards: 
There is a live leaderboard where a participant can see how they have placed in the competition of all the other participants. The event leaderboard shows the individual scores. 

To view the AOASM team scores, click here.  

Winners will be announced at the closing remarks on Sunday, May 2 at 7:45 p.m. CT. 

Prizes will be awarded to: 
  • The top 3 individual participant scorers on the leader board, 
  • The top team will be recognized and members of that team will be placed in a drawing for one lucky member to win a prize.
  • A prize will also be award to the top donor of this event, 
  • All participants will be entered into a drawing and randomly selected to win a great prize regardless of your score. 
That’s up to SIX PRIZES TO WIN just for playing in the AOASM Virtual Charity Golf Event! 

You all have a SHOT – So Go Have Fun!