AOASM Featured Member

Bhavesh Joshi, DO

Affiliation: NYITCOM at Arkansas State University

Member HistoryAOASM Member since 2015

What is your favorite aspect of AOASM? What I love most about AOASM is how it feels like a family. Each year at the annual conference I get the chance to see friends and colleagues I haven't been able to all at once. That's what drew me to AOASM in the first place, and has kept me being involved! I've also transitioned from being a resident, fellow, to early career member recently. The transition has allowed me to go from being someone being mentored, to being a mentor. I don't think you could at any other organization and still keep those connections strong.

What is your favorite AOASM conference memory? At every conference, the past and present LECOM fellows always take one evening to get together with Dr. Leary. It has become one of my favorite aspects of the conference. There's always a good story to be heard when we get together!

What team(s) or sport(s) do you cover? Arkansas State University Athletics