AOASM Featured Member

Becca Rodriguez Regner, DO, FACOFP

Affiliation: San Diego Sports Medicine and Family Health Center

Member HistoryAOASM Member since 2002

What is your favorite aspect of AOASM? The camaraderie and support of all members. Every time all the members get together it is like a family reunion. It is inspiring to see all the team docs and what they are involved in. I feel our convention is great for networking and all are supportive to get you involved within the organization and team sports! The education is up to date, exciting, and great to learn from our fellow colleagues!

What is your favorite AOASM conference memory? First: When Dr. Marcia Whalen and Dr. Michele Gilsenan took me under their wing at my first AOASM convention! They both as female Osteopathic sports med physicians inspired me and helped me learn about AOASM and get fired up. They have been true role models for me. Second memory: Dr. Steve Karageanes giving me my first chance to lecture at AOASM in dance medicine and giving me his autograph on the book he wrote!

What team(s) or sport(s) do you cover? USOC Olympic training Center Physician, Team USA Women's Waterpolo, Team USA Rugby Mens, SD Legion Major League Rugby, San Diego Ballet