Message from the AOA President Ray Stowers

Support Continues for Discussions on Unified Accreditation System for GME

Over the last 18 months, the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) and the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) have been exploring the possibility of a new unified graduate medical education (GME) accreditation system with the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

The AOA and AACOM announced during the AOA's Annual Business Meeting, held July 16 – 21, 2013, that to date they have been unsuccessful in reaching an agreement with ACGME on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a unified graduate medical education accreditation system. However, the AOA and AACOM remain open to continued discussions with the ACGME.

The AOA and AACOM strongly believe that the health of the American public will benefit from a uniform path of preparation for the next generation of physicians designed to evaluate the effectiveness of GME programs in producing competent physicians.

The AOA also remains committed to protecting the distinctiveness and identity of the osteopathic medical profession including the five core principles that were significant to developing a unified graduate medical education accreditation system including:

·         The discussion is limited to GME and does not extend backward to undergraduate medical education or forward to licensing or certification.

·         The osteopathic medicine licensing examination (COMLEX-USA) remains in place and viable.
·         Osteopathic board certification remains in place and viable.
·         Osteopathic physicians must be given an equal opportunity to participate in all training programs under any unified accreditation system.
·         Any unified accreditation system must not adversely affect primary care programs in community-based settings.

The osteopathic medical profession will continue to grow OGME programs across the U.S. to ensure that all DO graduates have a place to train once they graduate. In fact, just this past year, more than 1,100 new OGME positions were created within 75 new programs. This means that now there are more than 12,000 osteopathic graduate medical education positions available.

We thank the osteopathic medical community for your feedback, your support and your patience during this discussion period. We can assure you that the AOA and AACOM remain strong in protecting the identity and distinctiveness of the osteopathic medical profession while ensuring that our training programs are of top quality.

Please visit for more information and email any questions to [email protected].

Team Physician Consensus Statement 2013

The consensus statement, titled “Team Physician Consensus Statement 2013 Update,” updates recommendations originally published in 2000. The update upholds the high standards set by the original document and also provides guidance on new issues that have evolved in more recent years in the field. New in this document are sections guiding the practice of team physicians relating to ethical and medicolegal issues. Like the original version, the 2013 update outlines medical qualifications and education and medical administrative duties as well as responsibilities recommended for all team physicians.

Since the original team physician consensus statement was issued, a series of supplementary documents have been published, making recommendations on specific issues related to a team physician’s practice.  The supplementary documents address pertinent topics such as return-to-play decision, concussion (mild traumatic brain injury), injury and illness prevention, sideline preparedness, and psychological issues, among other important topics

Athletes and the Arts Introduction Video

Athletes and the Arts officically launched on May 29, 2013 at a media event in Indianapolis, IN.  The video introduction was produced and directed by AOASM Past President and film director, Dr. Steve Karageanes.  For a look at the video, check out this link: Athletes and the Arts Video Link.

Dr. Gunnar Brolinson featured on National Program

VCOM Associate Dean and Department Chair of Sports Medicine, Dr. Gunnar Brolinson, was featured on a national program (stone Phillips Reports) regarding his research study on head trauma.


Dr. Zinni on the Radio

Hear the Health Radio interview of Dr. Phillip Zinni III, D.O., FAOASM, ATC, discussing The Political Landscape of Medicine. Click here to access the site and listen now.

Dr. Karageanes in the Detroit Free Press

Detroit Free Press article, As a workout, dancing helps develop muscle tone, flexibility and aerobic capacity, features AOASM and Dr. Steven Karageanes. Click here to read the entire article.

AOA President and AOASM Executive Committee Member at White Coat Ceremony, LECOM, Bradenton

Dr. Karen Nichols, President, AOA and Dr. Patrick Leary, AOASM Executive Committee
January 22, 2011, White Coat Ceremony, LECOM Bradenton

AOASM Member Honored

Gunnar Brolinson, D.O. has been awarded the honor of "Beehler Research Mentor of the Year" by the AOA.

VCOM Physician featured in New York Times and NPR for Concussion Research

Gunnar Brolinson, D.O. was recently featured in several national publications for his cutting edge research on sports concussions.

Dr. Brolinson is not only the chair of VCOM's Sports Medicine Department, but also the head physician for Virginia Tech Football.

·         The NPR report, as well as the audio
·         NY Times coverage
·         Technology Review: Analyzing Hard Hits on the Football Field

25th Annual Meeting Presentation Award Winners

Poster Presentations:
First Place - Becca Rodriguez, DO
Second Place - Matthew Boyer, DO

Case Presentations:
First Place - Nick Belasco, DO
Second Place - Steve Kriss, DO, FACOFP, FAWM, CDR

Research Abstract Presentations:
First Place - Jonathan Tait, DO
Second Place - Demetri Menegos, DO