AOASM Mentor of the Year Award


The AOASM Mentor of the Year award was established to recognize Members of the AOASM who have had a significant impact on the career development of students, residents and/or Fellows. The nominee must have demonstrated their ability to be an excellent leader and teacher in the field of Osteopathic Primary Care Sports Medicine.

General Policies

  • The nominee must be an active member of the AOASM for the last 2 consecutive years.
  • For each nominee there must be one lead nominator and a second letter of support.
  • At least one nominator must be a current active member of the AOASM.
  • Previous recipients are not eligible to be nominated in the future.
  • Self –nominations will not be accepted.
  • Close-relation (for example a spouse, sibling, parent, grandparent or child) nominations will not be accepted.
  • There will only be one recipient of the Mentor of the Year, an exception may be made by the Award Committee upon a tied vote to accept one additional recipient.
  • A sub-committee of the AOASM will be created to adjudicate the nominations and select the recipients based on membership voting.
  • The Award Committee will work with the nominators and the recipient to arrange to present the award (plaque) at the Fellows Dinner.
  • The nominating members will present the award to the recipient at the Fellows Dinner.
  • Nominators’ identities will be revealed to the successful recipient at the time of the award presentation.
  • The Winner of the Mentor of the Year Award will be revealed to the successful recipient in a letter of notification.

Nomination Process

The lead nominator is responsible for submitting the entire nomination package, electronically and in one PDF. All AOASM communications related to the nomination shall be with the lead nominator. The nominations package must consist of:

  • Two completed nomination forms by different nominators, with each nomination form speaking to the nominee’s leadership, role modeling and teaching experiences.
  • Each nomination form must include the author’s email address.

Mentor of the Year Award Recipients

2019: R. Robert Franks, Jr., DO, FAOASM - Presented the 3rd Annual AOASM Mentor of the Year Award
at the 2019 Clinical Conference in Austin, Texas. 

2018: Per Gunnar Brolinson, DO, FAOASM, FAAFP, FACOFP - Presented the 2nd Annual AOASM Mentor of the Year Award
at the 2018 Clinical Conference in Columbus, Ohio

Wayne English, DO, FAOASM, FAOCPMR - Presented the Inaugural AOASM Mentor of the Year
at the 2017 Clinical Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada