OMED 2012 – Osteopathic Medical Conference & Exposition

October 7-11, 2012, San Diego, CA

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The AOASM lectures were standing room only at OMED Conference, San Diego, California.  



Young Athletes and the Performing Arts (PDF)
Rebecca Rodriguez, DO

Youth Wrestling Weight Class Considerations (PDF)
R. Robert Franks, DO, FAOASM

Concussions in Youth Sports (PDF)
R. Robert Franks, DO, FAOASM

Neurocognitive Testing in Concussion Management
Rebecca Rodriguez, DO

Concussion Prevention and Education (PDF)
Jeffrey R. Bytomski, DO, FAOASM

Concussion Rehabilitation: Vestibular & Cognitive Therapy
Randy Yocum, DPT, CSCS


Young Athletes in Extreme Sports (PDF)
Stephen M. Daquino, DO, FAOASM

Pre-Participation Evaluations in Young Athletes (PDF)
John Dougherty, DO, FAOASM

Cardiac Screening  and Clearance in Youth Athletics
Maria M. Mountis, DO

Lumbar Back Pain in Young Athletes (PDF)
Eric M. Kephart, DO

Apophysitis  “Growing Pains” in the Young Athlete (PDF)
Edwin T. Kornoelje, DO

ACL Injuries in  the Young Athlete (PDF)
Corey R. Troxell, DO

Pre-Participation  Physicals and Concussion Management: A Report Card on Implementation  of Best Practices
Patrick F. Leary, DO,  FAOASM, FACSM
Thurman V. Alvey, DO

Osteochondritis and Osteochondral Injuries in Young Athletes (PDF)
Corey R. Troxell, DO

Elbow Pain in Young Throwing Athletes
Steven J. Karageanes, DO, FAOASM

Hip Pain in the Young Athlete (PDF)
Gregory M. Cibor, DO, FAOASM


Athletic Conditioning and Overuse Injury Prevention (PDF)
Marcia E. Whalen, DO, FAOASM

Safe Weight Training in Young Athletes
Eric S. Bohn, DO

Supplement and Performance Drug Use in Youth Athletics (PDF)
Vincent N. Disabella, DO, FAOASM

Exercise-Induced Bronchospasm in Young Athletes (PDF)
Thomas W. Allen, DO, FAOASM

Dermatology in Sports Medicine:  Rashes, Infections, and Clearance to Play (PDF)
Michael Sampson, DO, FAOASM

Epstein Barr Virus Infection & Return To Play (PDF)
Angela C. Cavanna, DO, FAOASM

Exertional Lower Extremity Pain in Young Athletes (PDF)
Paul S. Saenz, DO

Female Athletic Triad Update
Edwin T. Kornoelje, DO

Shoulder Dislocations and Separations in Youth Sports (PDF)
Shawn C. Saylor, DO

The Young Diabetic Athlete (PDF)
Vincent N.  Disabella, DO, FAOASM    

Lecture and Lab: OMM for the Young Runner (PDF)
Darren McAuley, DO