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Obstacle Course Fun Run Fundraiser
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2018 Obstacle Course Fun Run Fundraiser



Date: Thursday, May 3, 2018

Time: 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Location: Scioto Audubon Park

Race Participant? Click here to complete the Run Waiver Form. 

Help Wanted! AOASM is looking for volunteers to help out with this event. If you are interested in being a volunteer, please click here

Not Racing? Still come to cheer on fellow AOASM participants and make a donation to this great cause. Click here to donate

3K Obstacle Course (OC) Race – 2K of running, 1K of obstacles! Weather permitting, we will have up to 10 stations:

  • Tire Flip
  • Tire Run
  • Tunnel Crawl
  • Cargo Climb
  • Balance Beam
  • Belly Crawl
  • Monkey Bars
  • Over/Under
  • Wall Climb
  • Log Run


We’ll start with an opening 1K run (follow green arrow trail), then one time through the OC – you then return back the way you came up to the TAP (turn around point - starred red on map) and then all the way back  to – and through - the OC, finishing with a final 0.25K sprint…uphill, naturally!

We will start in three waves 10 minutes apart:

  • Hercules (Top level – probably have done even tougher races in past competitively)
  • King Leonidas (Fit and agile, some OCR experience)
  • Bacchus Beginner (total rookie but still competitive – just mostly out to have a GREAT time!)
  • BONUS – we will have a drone available to take photos and video of the event!!!


Rules of the course:
  • If an obstacle is deemed unusable by the course medical directors, then it is so for all competitors – anyone attempting a closed obstacle is disqualified!
  • If you choose not to do an obstacle that is open, you can instead perform 20 burpees (see description below) and then continue past that obstacle.
  • You may rest at any time along the course or before attempting an obstacle.  If you find that you need to abandon an obstacle after you have already begun, you should remove yourself from that obstacle and do your 20 burpees out of the way of the other competitors.
  • If you fall or otherwise are unable to complete an obstacle, you may go back to the beginning of that obstacle and begin again, or do your burpees.
  • There may be a station monitor or assistant at some of the obstacles – they are there to direct traffic, maintain safety and rules standards, and to count off burpees for those contestants skipping an obstacle.  If you arrive after someone has already begun their burpees, you may have to wait until they are complete to begin yours.
  • It is against the rules (and really un-cool…) to physically obstruct or otherwise inhibit another competitor from any part of the course. There may be lines that form at an obstacle – wait your turn in the queue.  Any egregious behavior may result in a disqualification. Cheating is not competing!
  • Parts of this course are potentially dangerous – anyone that the medical directors feel might be unsafe to compete due to intoxicating substance(s) will be prevented from competing and no refund will be given.
  • Teamwork is encouraged (if needed) for the tire flip, cargo net, &/or wall climb.  Also, the monkey bars – if someone needs a lift and doesn’t want to wait for the step line on the left to open up!


The 10 Obstacles

#1 The Tire Flip: You must flip the tires from beginning marker to the end line- choose your tire wisely!


 #2 The Tire Run: You must run or hop (right foot in right side tires, left on left side tires...) through each of two sets of tires.



#3 The Tunnel Crawl: Questions on this?!



#4 The Cargo Climb: Up and over- don't get tangled up!



#5 The Balance Beam: Walk up, across, and down. If you fall, you must go back to the beginning!



#6 The Belly Crawl: Crawl under the progressively lower ropes on your belly. (Could be worse- at least we're not shooting live ammo over your head!)



#7 The Monkey Bars: Start at the beginning- you CAN skip (or alternate) bars if your 'monkey arms' are long and strong enough to swing past one! **Note, there's a section with a few steps on the far left line to help you reach. 



#8 The Over Under: Not a betting thing... Here, you start by going over the first log, then under the next, then over the third and so on. Warning- the logs are pretty close together!



#9 The Wall Climb: There's a lower wall for those of shorter stature- 5' 0" or less- otherwise, stay to the left. 



#10 The Log Run: Hop over the logs- watch your footing!



After your first pass through the Obstacle Course, you'll run back up the trail you came down to the TAP (turn-around point), then return to the course for your second pass. After the second pass, you're 250m from the finish line- run with all the gas you have left in your tank and cross the finish line!


If you have any questions about the Obstacle Course Fun Run Fundraiser, please email AOASM

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