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Osteopathic Clinical Joint Exam

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The Osteopathic Clinical Joint Exam textbook (Stockard, 2010) is intended to present a comprehensive approach to musculoskeletal complaints by detailing the basic exam using both osteopathic and orthopedic techniques in a concise way with the goal of arriving at a differential diagnosis based on (history and) clinical exam alone. This was the type of medicine practiced by our Osteopathic forefathers before the advent of sophisticated diagnostic modalities such as Computerized Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or ultrasound, and physicians became excellent clinicians as a result.

In today's medical and political climate, attempts at controlling medical costs are applauded, but the real winners are the patients who receive a good, thorough physical examination by a competent Osteopathic physician. Treatment options come more immediately to mind when certain conditions are ruled in or out based on the office exam, thereby drastically curtailing the need for costly diagnostic procedures. The sooner treatment begins without the delays of further testing, the sooner the patient benefits.

This text outlines the basic anatomy (a good refresher is always helpful), and the exam itself, followed by a list of the common conditions seen in clinical practice, and finally, by a list of conditions that shouldnever be missed due to an incomplete exam. This will give the medical student, resident, or practicing physician a basis for decision-making, as well as ahandbook that will, hopefully, provide invaluable information to all clinicians who encounter patients with musculoskeletal complaints. Treatments and diagnostic tests are intentionally omitted as this is a text devoted exclusively to physical diagnosis. New and improved diagnostic modalities and even treatment options may come and go, but a good, thorough physical exam will always endure in medicine, and should never be supplanted by a machine.

The contributing authors were specifically chosen due to their years of involvement in Osteopathic medical education and sports medicine, and because of the dedication to teaching.

PPE: Preparticipation Physical Evaluation

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The overarching goal in performing a preparticipation physical evaluation (PPE) is to promote the health and safety of the athlete in training and competition. The PPE provides the medical background on which physical activity decisions will be made by the individual athlete's physician or the team physician and associated medical staff.

AOASM Newsletter

Sidelines is AOASM's bimonthly newsletter, published the first and third weeks of every month.  The publication is designed to highlight news about AOASM, its events and particularly its members.  If you would like to submit an idea for an article, please contact the AOASM office at

Back issues of Sidelines are can be viewed here.

Team Physician Consensus Statement

Selected Issues for the Adolescent Athlete and the Team Physician (608 kb PDF file)

Description: Clinical Journal of Sports MedicineAOASM has adopted the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine (CJSM) as its official publication. This affiliation will afford AOASM members the opportunity to publish articles in an indexed publication. AOASM members receive CJSM at 33% of the regular subscription rate. Members entitled to CJSM may view it online from the Members Only section of this website.

The monograph guides physicians in performing the PPE for athletes of middle school, high school, or college age in either a private office setting or a stationbased environment. The monograph describes the goals of the PPE, details the history and physical examiniation, states clearance guidelines or refers the reader to appropriate sources, and discusses medicolegal precautions. Appropriate forms for use during the PPE are provided. Click here to download the PPE Brochure (70 Kb PDF file). If you would like to purchase the monograph, please email the AOASM National Office.

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